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Company Billing

With Bookkeep's company-level billing, agencies can manage their company information and payment methods in a single place.

Company General Settings

Company general settings will allow you to manage your company's DBA, Country, and postal code.

Screenshot showing company general settings

Company Billing Menu

The Company Billing menu serves as the payment method for all your client entities.

Screenshot showing the company billing menu

Entity Settings Level

At the Entity Settings level, you (as the Company Owner) can manage your entity's DBA, location information, users, and subscription plan. Any users who are added to your entity will not be able to view your company settings or manage the payment method assigned to their entity.

Screenshot showing entity settings level

Adding Users to Your Company

When you invite a user to your company, they will NOT see your Company Settings. They will be able to manage all Entity Settings except for Billing. If the user navigates to Entity Settings > Billing, they will be presented with a simple message informing them that the subscription is managed by your company's name.

If you have any questions or if you are interested in partnering with Bookkeep, please contact [email protected].