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Connect Toast to Bookkeep


Importing Toast historical data is not supported.

Toast data export configuration

First you will need to confirm that you have the Data Export configured in Toast. Click Data Exports to see if you have the Data Export option visible. If this option is not present, you will need to contact Toast customer care to enable the Data Export capability.


Only users with the Data Export Config permission can Modify data export setup for your restaurant group.

Once a user has been granted this permission, the Data Exports configuration page will be visible on the Toast home page. Clicking the link above will help confirm if you have the access.

If your restaurant's group has not yet been set up for exports, you will see the following warning on that page:

If you do not have the access above, you will need to contact Toast customer care. Once you've contacted Toast Customer Care and they have set up your access, you can proceed.

Once you have confirmed that you can see the Data Exports configuration page on the Toast home page, you can proceed with the Toast to Bookkeep setup.

Copy SSH keys to Toast

To continue with the setup, you need to copy the ssh key from This is visible in the Connect view after clicking Connect now:

Connect Toast

Once you have copied the ssh key from Bookkeep, visit this page in Toast.

Alternatively, in your Toast dashboard, navigate to Reports using the navigation bar on the left side of your screen under the Settings section, select SSH Keys.

Toast SSH keys

Select Add new key and paste your ssh key that came from Bookkeep, or simply follow this direct link to enter the ssh key in Toast.

Below shows the screen where you will enter the Bookkeep ssh key. This is also where you will retrieve the following to enter into Bookkeep (see red arrows for relevant items):

  • Restaurant ID
  • SFTP username
  • Server URL

Toast SSH keys

Additionally, in Bookkeep you will need to select the currency for which the store is processing its orders. This is required to ensure that the data is posted in the correct currency.

Select currency

Configure available reports in Toast

Once you have completed prior steps, the remaining component is to configure the reports that are to be available. More info

In your Toast dashboard, select Reports on the left hand navigation menu. Choose Data Exports under the Settings section.

The next screen will show you all the options for reports that can be exported from Toast. By default, they are all disabled.

Set all to Enabled, like so: 

Set to enabled

When all reports have been enabled, click the Save button to activate your changes. After completing the above steps your Toast integration should begin working the next day.