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Refreshing Your Accounting Accounts

Bookkeep allows you to create new accounts in your accounting platform directly from the mapping view of your connected apps using our "magic wand" feature without having to go back and forth between applications. Using the "magic wand" will instantly create the new account in your accounting platform (QuickBooks Online or Xero) with the name and type suggested by Bookkeep™ and map it to that specific field.


For more details on this feature, please see our Mapping to your accounts article.

If you prefer to use your existing accounts, manually create new ones, or prefer to name them differently, merge accounts, etc., you can do that first in your accounting platform and then return to your Bookkeep™ dashboard to complete the mapping.

As an example, if your client is a restaurant and uses Square and QuickBooks Online, you might want to first create your own Sales accounts in QuickBooks Online for a more detailed breakdown: Food Sales, Beverage Sales, Alcohol Sales, etc., instead of using our generic "Square Sales" account, and then go back to Bookkeep™ and map accordingly.

To get the newest changes from your accounting platform to display in the mapping view, you will need to refresh the "Accounting connection" so your current chart of Accounts is retrieved and ready to use.

Steps to Refresh Your Accounting Accounts

1. Click on "Connections"

While logged into your entity, click on "Connections."

2. Select the "Accounting" Tab

Make sure you are on the "Accounting" tab (this is the default) and you see your accounting platform connection (QuickBooks Online or Xero).

3. Click "Refresh"

Click "Refresh" -- this will prompt a message to be displayed for a few seconds while the refresh is being performed, e.g., "QuickBooks refresh in progress." When the message disappears, your chart of accounts has been refreshed and you are ready to complete any remaining mapping tasks.


In this same view you can also test your Accounting connection for integrity or delete it.