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Entity Home Page

Bookkeep has introduced a new feature called the entity dashboard, serving as the central hub for each entity. This dashboard provides a quick overview of the entity's status, recent activities, and connected ecommerce/POS apps.

The entity homepage will display different states based on the setup status of your entity. If you're setting up a new entity and haven't connected any ecommerce/POS apps or accounting platforms yet, the entity dashboard will prompt you to connect both as shown below: 

Entity homepage

Once you've linked your accounting platform, the option will disappear, and you'll only see the option to connect an ecommerce or POS app as shown below:

Entity homepage - connect

If you initially connected a POS or ecommerce app, you will notice that the app is now linked. However, the option to connect your accounting platform will still be available as shown below:

Entity homepage - connect accounting 

Once you have successfully connected both your accounting platform and various ecommerce and POS apps, a new section will appear (as shown below), indicating the journal entries that require mapping to kickstart your accounting automation process.

Entity homepage - task nudges

Once you finish mapping each journal entry, that specific mapping will no longer be visible on the list. Instead, only the remaining journal entries that still need to be mapped will be shown.

After successfully mapping all journal entries for your connected apps, you will complete the setup process. The entity dashboard will then update to display the connected apps, accounting platform, and any recent postings as shown below. Additionally, a chart showing your gross sales will be visible; if there is no data available, the chart will remain empty until more information is added. As you input more data, the chart will populate with your gross sales information.

Entity homepage - gross sales chart

Graph shown below with no gross sales since it is a new connection without postings:

Entity homepage - no sales chart

Upon completing the setup process, the entity dashboard will display a section at the top showing the connected apps and accounting platform. This section will also indicate if any specific app needs to be reconnected.

At the bottom of the entity dashboard, after you have finished setting up and connected your accounting platform and apps, as well as mapped journal entries, you will find a section for recent postings as shown below:

Entity homepage - recent postings

This section displays journal entries created within the past one to two days, giving you a snapshot of the entity's status. For instance, if a journal entry fails to post to your accounting platform, it will be marked as failed.

In summary, the entity dashboard provides a quick overview of your entity's health, displaying the next steps if the initial setup is incomplete, highlighting apps that need reconnecting, and showcasing recent postings for the past one to two days.

If you have any questions on your entity dashboard, feel free to contact [email protected]