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Creating Accounts in Your Accounting Platform

How Bookkeep Enhances Account Setup and Mapping

Connecting Your Platform

Begin by linking your accounting platform, such as Xero or QuickBooks Online, to Bookkeep. This connection allows Bookkeep to access your existing accounts, facilitating the mapping of journal entry lines directly within your platform.

Mapping Accounts

Once connected, for instance with Square and Xero, you can map Square sales summaries to corresponding accounts in Xero. Simply select an account from the dropdown menu that appears when you click on any mapping field.

For example, let's assume you have connected Square and Xero and would like to map the Square sales summary to your accounts in Xero. Each category requires you to map to an account as shown below:

Square Summary Mapping View

You can click on any of the dropdowns, and it will retrieve accounts from your accounting platform that you may choose to map to:

Account Selection Dropdown

Magic Wand Feature

You may have already created the accounts in your accounting platform so you can easily locate those accounts in the dropdown. However, you may not have an account created to map a specific line. This would normally require you to navigate into your accounting platform and create the account. However, Bookkeep saves you time by simply clicking the magic wand in the line you need an account created as shown below:

Magic Wand Tool on each line

Hover over the wand before clicking to see a preview of the account name and type to be created. For example, activating the wand for a 'Gross Sales' line item might create an account named "Square Sales" categorized under Income:

Create New Account

As shown, clicking the wand for the Gross sales line would create an account called "Square Sales" which would be an Income account. This saves you the time of having to navigate into your accounting platform. Additionally, Bookkeep provides our recommended accounts using common naming.

After clicking the magic wand to have the account created, Bookkeep will automatically update that line to be mapped to the account that was just created.


We do not give you the ability to create Bank Accounts or Credit Cards. These would need to be created in your accounting platform first and then they can be mapped in Bookkeep.

Refreshing Account Lists

If you ever need to refresh the accounts from your accounting platform or you do not see an account from your accounting platform, you can click "Refresh" from the mapping screen for Bookkeep to look for any new accounts as shown below:

Refresh Button on Accounting Connection

If you need any help, feel free to reach out to the Bookkeep support team.