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Inviting Admins or Owners to Connect Ecommerce or POS Apps to Bookkeep

Bookkeep is dedicated to simplifying the process for administrators and owners to link certain ecommerce and POS applications for seamless synchronization of financial data with your accounting platform. To facilitate this, Bookkeep provides a "Client Connect" landing page for each entity, making it easier to share a link with business owners or admins to establish connections with their respective apps. This streamlined approach ensures a smooth integration process and efficient management of financial information within your accounting system.

1. Click "Connections"

While logged into the appropriate entity, click on "Connections", and then the "Client Connect" tab to locate your unique link for a specific entity:

Click Connections Tab

Click "Connections" on left side bar:

Connections Sidebar

Click "Client Connect" as shown below: Client Connect

After clicking "Client Connect", you will see the "Copy Test Client Connect Link" as shown below (Test is the name of the entity in this case). There is also an option to generate a new link by clicking "Regenerate" as shown below:

Copy Client Connect Link

After copying the link, you can easily share it with business owners or administrators so they can connect their ecommerce and POS apps to the specific entity.

Additionally, Bookkeep offers a convenient feature to quickly send the link to the business owner or administrator.

1. Select the "Available Apps" Tab

By visiting the "Available Apps" tab on the Connections page, you can view the various apps that are eligible to be connected.

Available Apps Tab

2. Click the App Icon

When clicking on an app icon above, you can see if a specific app is eligible for the owner or admin to connect via "Client Connect" if the "Ask owner to connect" button is available, as shown below:

Select App Icon


This option is particularly useful if you do not have the login credentials for that specific app or if your access is restricted.

By selecting the "Ask owner to connect", you can either copy the link to share with the owner/admin or enter their email to allow Bookkeep to send an email with the link to "Client Connect" where they can establish the connection between their ecommerce and POS apps with Bookkeep's platform:

Enter Owner Email

If you choose to have Bookkeep send the email, the recipient will receive an email with a link to "Client Connect" where they can connect their ecommerce and POS apps using their owner credentials (you will be automatically cc-ed on the invitation email).

Client Connect to App

Once any app is connected via "Client Connect", all admins of the entity will receive an email alerting them of the new app connected as shown below:

Email Connection Confirmation

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].