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Previewing Your Data Without Posting to Accounting

We understand the importance of previewing data without posting it to your accounting, especially as a new Bookkeep customer.

You can do this by only connecting your apps and not your accounting platform when you set up your entity. As a result, no mapping is needed, since we are not retrieving your accounts from the accounting platform. You can simply connect your Apps, run up to 14 days of history and start previewing daily summaries in Bookkeep.

Skip Accounting Connection

When setting up your account, you can simply skip the "Connect Accounting" step and return to this later when you are ready to begin posting.


If you choose to skip this step, you can always come back to complete the accounting connection by selecting "Connections" from the left-side menu and then selecting the "Accounting" tab (as shown in the image below).

Skipping Accounting Connection

After skipping the Accounting connection, you can connect the Apps where you would like to preview data. From the Connections View, you can select "Add an app" (as found in the top right) to search for the app you would like to preview:

Add an App

After connecting the App you would like to preview, you will see it as connected under the "Connections/Apps" view:

Connections/Apps View

Since an accounting platform is not connected, you will not be able to complete the mapping since we cannot see the accounts in your accounting platform. However, once the Apps are connected, you expand the dropdown by first clicking "Setup" and then can click "Run" as shown in the image below to select the days you would like to preview:

Run Selected Days

After this is done, you can navigate to the "Activity" view where you will see the days you selected to run (please note, this can take a few minutes given the amount of data we are having to retrieve).

Activity View

Above you can see the date I chose to run in order to preview the data. As you can see, the status is UNPOSTED since no accounting platform has been connected. You can click on the entry to view the specific numbers we are importing from your App:

Data Preview

As you can see above, we have set up the initial app connections without connecting an accounting platform, allowing us to run specific days and preview the source data without posting it to accounting. This will give you the confidence to see the value and capability of accounting automation by Bookkeep.