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Bookkeep Chart of Account Mapping: Required versus Optional Lines?

Bookkeep automatically sends your financial data to your accounting platform using journal entries. Since different ecommerce apps and POS systems provide varying data, not all of it may be relevant to your specific circumstances. For instance, if you don't have a loan with Square or use PayPal for your Shopify store, you can ignore certain categories or lines that don't apply to your situation.

Bookkeep's tailored mapping and alerts significantly streamline your onboarding process, saving you valuable time. When you set up an app in Bookkeep, the mapping view will only show you the necessary data categories or lines for your specific app connections. For example, you might initially need to map only one or two lines when you connect a new app.


In the above scenario, since this is a new Mindbody connection with limited data, you'll only need to map two lines initially. However, if you want to see all available data categories for this connection, you can click on the "Show All Categories" toggle in the top right corner of the mapping view, as shown in the example below:

Show all categories

The image above shows that as Bookkeep processes more data, additional lines containing financial data may appear. Initially, you only need to map the essential lines for an efficient setup. However, if your business has specific requirements, like issuing gift cards, you can choose to map those lines immediately.

As Bookkeep imports more financial data, the mapping view will update automatically to highlight new lines that need mapping when new financial data is detected. When a journal entry contains an unmapped line, Bookkeep will send you a notification to prompt the necessary mapping for accurate posting to your accounting platform.

You can find your notifications by clicking the gray bell icon in the top right corner, as shown below:

Bookkeep notifications

Learn more about Bookkeep notifications.

As you can see below, more financial data was brought in for this Mindbody connection, and the discounts line was marked as required which generated the below notification:

Line required notification

This notification is to inform you about a specific line that needs mapping for seamless posting of journal entries to your accounting records. Upon reviewing the mapping section following this notification, you'll notice that discounts are now marked as required. This indicates the necessity to map them to your chart of accounts.

Discounts like requires mapping


The default mapping view displays only the necessary lines. If you want to map more lines for a journal entry, you can simply toggle the "Show All Categories" option to view all possible lines.

By utilizing Bookkeep's required mapping and notifications, you can efficiently onboard and map additional lines as new financial data is imported.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].