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Connect PayPal to Bookkeep

As a Bookkeep user, you can connect third party applications by visiting the "Connections" page within  Our connectors can be accessed by selecting the appropriate app via the "Add an app" button (pictured below).  For PayPal, you can manually type "paypal" into the search field:

Connect an app

Once selected, our PayPal integration will present you with the option to Connect Now (via log-in credentials in a new browser tab). Alternatively, click "Ask Owner to Connect" to have a link emailed to the business owner that will enable them to connect PayPal on your behalf.

PayPal connection options

For more information on sending owner invitations, please review our knowledge base article. But assuming you are the owner of your PayPal account, you can simply click "Connect Now" to log into your account:

Connect PayPal now

After your account is authenticated, the PayPal connection will be seen on your Connections page and you'll be ready to map your fields.

PayPal connection in Bookkeep


PayPal's default timezone is PST. If you have changed this in PayPal, update the timezone in Bookkeep under PayPal setting (Configure) to match your timezone in PayPal.

Set PayPal timezone

The easiest way to confirm your PayPal account's timezone is to download a monthly statement from your PayPal dashboard [in the .csv format], which displays the timezone on column "C" (the statements in .pdf format do not display this information):

Confirm PayPal timezone