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How to Manually Book Shopify Sales to QuickBooks

The hardest part about booking Shopify sales is finding all the reports you need so let us walk you though where to get the data and how to book it into QuickBooks.

Booking Sales, Liabilities and Payments

The report you will need for this is found in your Shopify dashboard under Analytics -> Reports -> Finance Report.

Shopify dashboard navigation reports

Shopify dashboard navigation finance summary

Alternatively, you can bookmark it at this URL after replacing YOURSTORE with your domain:


Bookkeep highly recommend booking sales on a daily basis and not monthly or weekly. Booking daily sales will alert you to problems and mistakes right away but waiting to book till the end of the week or month could hide errors and it may be too late to fix. An example of that is booking sales to the "Manual" payment type and then not following up to ensure you collect payment.  

Let's proceed with booking your sales.

  1. Within Shopify, run the finance report for a single day and it will look like this:

Shopify finance report

  1. Now head over to your QuickBooks to create a recurring Journal Entry.

  2. Click "NEW" and then choose Journal Entry like below:

Create new Journal Entry

  1. Call your template "Shopify Sales" and set it to "Unscheduled".

  2. Now let's set up your accounts to map to the report above. I will assume you already have the accounts set up.

  3. Now the only lines you will need on the finance report from Shopify are below (please note your Payments lines may vary based on your Shopify store):

Shopify finance report

  1. Create your template in QuickBooks to look like below (again your Payment types will vary) and then you can save it for reuse. Bookmark it in your browser to help you find it quickly.  

Shopify sales template in QuickBooks

When you bookmark the template remove from the bookmark the part before the qbo in the url (e.g. below would involve removing the c38):

Bookmark suggestion

Booking Deposits To QuickBooks

Remember your deposits from Shopify Payments ARE NOT SALES!  A deposit contains sales, tips, taxes, refunds removed and fees removed. If you book them as sales your books are totally incorrect. To find deposits you need to go to Settings -> Payment Providers -> View Payouts under Shopify Payments or just bookmark this URL.

Payouts must be booked for each day so that they MATCH in the banking feed in QuickBooks. Here is what the Payout view looks like:

Shopify payout view

  1. Now create a new Template in QuickBooks under recurring transactions and use type Journal Entry.
  2. The deposit template should look similar to this:

QuickBooks deposit template

This is the most efficient way to manually enter your daily summaries from Shopify to QuickBooks. Show this to your bookkeeper or accountant so they can find the reports easily.


If you want daily summaries automated and reconciled each month, sign up for and we'll do this for you with our guarantee that your entries will be entered each day.